IXPE (Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam is based on low density polyethylene as raw material, change to independent obturator meshed bubble structure by using electronic irradiation. It is a kind of continues foaming freely, smooth surface, closed-cell, independent, well-distributed, no water absorption, unlimited length and adjustable color and density soft foaming material. Compare with other similar foaming materials, the performance of IXPE is more excellent.

Especially for environmental protection, sound insulation, water proof, moisture proof, shock absorption, cushioning, flexible, heat preservation, heat insulation, weatherability, aging resistant and lightweight. It can be compounded with aluminum film, aluminum foil, PE film or other materials, widely used in flooring underlayment. It is one of the most environmental protection, best sound insulation and moisture resistant product in flooring underlay.

Moisture-proof: independent closed-cell structure with less than 0.01g/cm3 water absorption rate to protect your flooring.
Mold & mildew resistant: irradiated by high energy electron beam defends against the growth of harmful mold, mildew &bacteria.
Shock-absorption: to improve the unevenness with. comfortable feel.
Fast & easy installation: install underlayment quickly and easily with attached lip and tape system.

Standard type:
green, cost-efficient quality for basic needs.
Professional type:
specially designed & manufactured for under-floor heating systems.
With perforated holes allows for maximum and even heat transfer to save energy.
Nontoxic and odorless under the heating system.
Last support to protect the structural of your floor.

Premium type:
with metallic film, LDPE film to reinforce, vapor barrier.
Leading type:
specially designed for LVT flooring
Specially designed for LVT flooring applications
Suitable for both glue down and floating systems
With excellent tearing, tensile and compression strength.

Partly representative products

The product series The product Specification Thickness (mm) color Width Length(m) Note
The new generation moistuer-proof & soundproof underlayment 30030BL-E4 3 Blue 1000 100/200 coating with PE film
The general type underlayment 30020 2 Green, Orange 1000 100/200
The updating underlayment 30020YE-GL 2 Yellow 1000 100/200/300
The professional underlayment 30020GR-KE 2 Green 1000 100
30020OR-K 2 Orange 1000 100 the die cut type
The leading underlayment 05010GY 1 Grey 1000 100/200/300 specially for the LVT PVC
The best material for the environmental PO blister trays PO30020 2 White, Black, Orange 510/610 200
The composite material by the PO FOAM and the PET hairs sheet PO20010P 1 Black, Grey 610 100/200/300
The based material for the anti- static blister trays PO30020-AN 0.5 Red, Yellow, Green etc 510/610 200/300
The packing material for the transportation of LED screen ANFM-C5010K 1 Black 1000 300/200
ANFM-D5005K 0.5 Black 1070 300
The other cushioning material 20020 2 Black, White 1070 300
30030 3 Black, White, Green, Yellow 1070 100/200
The professional based material for the sport and leisure filed 12040 4 White, Black, Green etc 1070 100
30040 4 White, Black, Orange 1070 100

Above all just the part of our product specification, if have other needs, please contact the sales people of our company.

Bright in colors and provide different colors for choosing.

Nice weather resistance properties, which can meet the demand for the daily environment of sports& leisure products.