Protection Tape

Protective Tape, also referred to as Surface Protection Films, protect almost any surface against marring, chipping and scratching. Protective products are often used during manufacturing, packing and shipping.

Produced details
• Thickness 30 / 40 / 50 / 80 / 100 micron
• Width from 100-1200 mm
• Standard length 200 M
• Color: Black/White, Clear, Blue, Emboss, Printing

Black/White : for aluminum composite panel, outside wall of buildings, ceramic plate, metallic fluorine with acrylic, emulsion adhesive system.
Clear : for painted color metal protection, plastic, glass, imitation wood, etc.
Blue : for floor, door, mirror, deep drawing, etc.
Emboss : for plastic, name plate, metal, LED case, etc.
Printing : for gravure, sash, company logo, etc.
Perforation : Regardless of printing, we specialize in regular interval perforation.