Anti-Staic Stretch Film

is specially made to protect electronic and flammable products. It is used to make these instruments safe from static discharge. It is used for the products and parts that are sensitive to static electricity It is available in hand roll and machine grade films.


  • Used to pallet wrap products sensitive to static electricity Including electronic equipment, flammable products, chemicals and paints.
  • Clings to itself without tapes or strap with superior puncture resistance.
  • All of the performance properties of high end stretch film – with out the static.
  • Also used to wrap shipments destined for grain facilities and munitions plants.
  • Available in hand rolls and machine grade films.
  • Anti-staic stretch film  for use in applications sensitive to static electricity.
  • Static dissipative stretch wrapped pallets are tight, secure and static free in one extra strong unitized load.
  • Available in hand rolls and machine grade films.